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Rheem Water Heater Special

Same Day Water Heater Repair

Arizona VIP Plumbing is your neighborhood plumbing experts for commercial and residential service. We make replacing or repairing water heaters easy and hassle free. Call us to maintenance, repair or install your new water heater before you have a flood. 

What are my water heating options?

When selecting a new water heater for your home or office, you have several choices available. As an example, before you make a purchase, consider the following:


  • What is your current water heater’s fuel source? Is it gas, propane, or electric? Water heaters are powered by several different fuel sources and as a result, knowing what fuel source is helpful when choosing the right water heater for your family or office. 
  • Type – Do you want a typical storage tank water heater or tankless version? That is to say, you will need to decide what kind of water heater you want. One of our professionals can help you make an informed decision that is right for your needs.
  • Tank size – What size tank do you need? Requirements and needs change base on usage and specific needs. Therefore, hot water needs vary based on consumption and whether you have a commercial business or you are buying for your home. We offer a wide range of tank sizes for any of your commercial or household requirement.
  • Brand – Do you have a preference to a particular brand? We install, repair and service all make and models of water heaters so we can help you get the best deal and the best warranty for your needs. We are happy to replace your troubled water heater with a new unit that is fully warranted and serviced by Arizona VIP Plumbing.
  • Installation – What is included in your water heater installation?

When you choose Arizona VIP Plumbing for your water heater replacement & installation, we will:

  1. Disconnect the old unit.
  2. Install your new water heater that same day (in most cases).
  3. Test your new unit to ensure it is working correctly.
  4. Clean up the work area before leaving.
  5. Remove and recycle the old water heater.*

Need more information or ready to get started? Request a water heater repair or installation estimate with one of our plumbing experts online today! *Additional fees will apply.


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Weird Fact:

The average household has a 50 gallon water  heater but did you know that the average person taking a bath uses more than 50 gallons of hot water. 

Fun Fact:

Where was the first hot water heater invented? 

Answer: London England

Fun Fact:

Who invented the first water heater?

Answer: A painter named Benjamin Waddy Maughan invented the first domestic water heater that instantaneous heated the water without using solid fuel. 

Fun Fact:

What was the first water heater called?

Answer: The invention was called the geyser affectionately after a gushing hot spring. Maughan’s invention made water flow from the top down through pipes that were heated by hot gases.